Statement from Mitutoyo in Response to the Crisis in Ukraine

Mitutoyo Europe have an extremely multicultural team made up of individuals from all over the World.
One of our top management principles is to support and promote peace, happiness, and harmony throughout all environments.

Therefore, we express our deep concerns and sadness about the escalating military aggression currently happening in Ukraine.
As we have colleagues and friends in both Ukraine and Russia, this is something we have thought deeply about.
Even though we have separate Mitutoyo organizations throughout the world, we stand together as one team
and share our belief in peace and diplomacy, with violations against international humanitarian law
completely contrary to our corporate values.

In order to support the people affected by this conflict and currently in need, we have called for a donation campaign
within the Mitutoyo Europe Group. Matching what our colleagues donate, Mitutoyo Europe will double the amount
that is to be sent as a donation to the Red Cross to support the refugees of this military aggression.

When it comes to peace among mankind, we must not lose hope, and we shall never give up.