Education Packs

The Mitutoyo Education Packs comprise a range of items designed to serve as convenient references to the theory and practice of engineering metrology for use in the classroom, workplace and laboratory.

The collection extends from easy access wallcharts to a comprehensive reference book, all attractively presented with colour photography and illustrations intended to promote safe and efficient usage of measuring equipment while giving enough background to encourage further research in specific fields of interest to the reader. The range is extended by new publications in intervals of three months.

Please note: Only available from the sales organisation of your particular country. Please see the website of your country's sales organisation for more info.

A Micrometre Transferred to Everyday Life

What is a micron? Watch the amazing video and find out! In a an easily comprehensible, non-technical manner, this nicely made clip explains the size proportion of a micrometer (micron) transferred to everyday-life items: If the size if a football was one micron, can you guess the penalty distance? If a tooth measured one micron, what would be the size of the toothbrush? Check out this video and find out the stunning answers. A micron is really, really small. And Mitutoyo can measure it.