Focused on accuracy, speed and versatility.

Proud to unveil our CRYSTA-Apex V Series, we deliver faster measurements without compromising the measuring machine's inherent accuracy. It also supports the measurement of workpieces of many different shapes, such as castings or impellers.

The CRYSTA-Apex V Series is a new generation of CNC coordinate measuring machines that utilize IoT for the advanced management of production and quality information, making any factory, a smart factory.

From small to mid-sized workpieces, the CRYSTA-Apex V lineup covers it all.The advances in accuracy, speed, and versatility really shine through in the wide range of 3 series and 10 models the Apex V has to offer. With a chassis featuring bold colors, the brand new design conveys cutting edge capabilities and creativity befitting of a precision measuring instrument of the IoT age.

Absolute quality The new series provides accuracy that is unmatched by any previous general-purpose measuring machine:

- Real-time temperature compensation
- High accuracy of 1.7 μm
- Repetitive accuracy
- Rapid measurement regardless of shape
- High-speed optimal path scanning
- Active scanning
- huge lineup of CMM probes, including scanning & non-contact probes

Focused on accuracy, speed and versatility.

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With even the option to trade-in non-Mitutoyo brand CNC CMMs, you don’t want to miss out on this deal! Find out more about trading in your old CNC CMM in Mitutoyo’s promotional leaflet.

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The newest edition of the trusted CRYSTA-Apex series comes Smart Factory ready, implement it into your current QA process and move into the future! Find out more about the new CRYSTA-Apex series here.

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